At Janus Solutions we specialise in the field of substance misuse, covering many associated disciplines including drugs and alcohol, health and wellbeing, criminal justice and diversity.

We pride ourselves in having a team of qualified, highly skilled and professionally qualified staff, with many years of experience and expertise. We deliver high quality, high impact services, in an environment where learning, growth, choice and awareness are all paramount.

Although respecting historic and traditional ways of working with service users, we do challenge those we believe to be inappropriate, and have created innovative and engaging ways of working with this group. We believe that service users deserve the highest possible level of support, delivered with excellence and enthusiasm.

We avoid language such as Addiction, Dependency, Powerless, Disease and Institutionalisation. Janus believes that the use of language can either liberate a client, or tie them to a lifelong identity with their substance misuse. Our aim is to work in a way that empowers the service user to live the life they desire.