One Day Group work Training

The programme will incorporate the following aspects

  • The Jo-hari window representing the facilitatior and the client from 4 perspectives
    • The open window
    • The blind window
    • The closed window
    • The hidden window
  • The ‘Drama Triangel’ that offers 3 possible dimensions for both facilitator and clients
    • Persecutory
    • Rescuer
    • Victim Like
  • Projection
  • Transference
  • Counter transference

These perspectives are used to explore how the group facilitator operates with regard to their:

  • Intra personals skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Effectiveness when challenging, negoating and investigating
  • Fears
  • Diversity awareness


  • To increase confidence in facilitating groups with drug users
  • To explore the dynamics between facilitator and participant
  • To explore the dynamics between facilitators
  • To explore the dynamics between informative, educative and psychodynamic group settings


  • Increased self awareness
  • Increase honesty in the group process
  • Effective groupwork
  • Increase engagement and retention of service users in groupwork