Janus provides a confidential service to those who wish to access treatment with private funding. Access is provided to all aspects of the Day Programme and counselling service.

A bespoke programme can be created to suit those who cannot access some aspects of the programme due to work or other commitments. The service also provides access to external professionals eg. a private GP.

Private clients can choose the level of support they want ranging from an hour a week to daily support. The luxury of this service and how it differs from mainstream service is that clients can be assured that they are treated by qualified professionals with many years of experience in the area of substance use and misuse.

The Janus partners have developed their own model of intervention called the Resonance Factor. The primary focus of the model is on the relationship between the user and their drug of choice. The model has proved successful in practice. Consequently the partners have delivered training on the Resonance Factor to drug services, and have gained a positive reputation for their work around the country. The partners and staff are dynamic and innovative and pride themselves on their authenticity in the client relationship.

Janus Day Programme offers

Janus Day Programme offers:

  • Drug and Alcohol keywork sessions
  • Counselling  
  • Groups
  • Aftercare
  • Access to specialist services

Where difficulties arise in accessing the service during programme hours we can provide support through:

  • Meetings at agreed locations
  • Telephone counselling
  • Skype counselling

We can offer a flexible and responsive service that fits in with individual schedules including evenings and weekends.