9th April 2017

Resonance Factor/ Relapse

Relapse Substance use is a chronic relapsing condition. This statement is not unusual in the field of substance misuse. Professionals and service users use it. What […]
30th March 2017

Resonance Factor Snippet

The Resonance Factor   In a world that readily embraces ideas such as substance use being a disease, an addiction, an illness, sickness or a dependency, […]
27th March 2017

Drug Use Consumed By Soilders

20th March 2017

Private Prisons Making Money For Profit

27th February 2017

Article on Racial Disparity by Release

According to research carried out by ‘Release’ (which is the National Centre of Expertise on Drugs and Drugs law) they reported that; “Every year approximately 80,000 […]
27th February 2017

Excerpt from the book ‘Crack Cocaine the Open Door’

This book provides a forum to ask questions of our services and about our practice and to stop blaming the crack cocaine client for our own […]