Cravings. The Manager Versus the Employee. (The Resonance Factor)

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Cravings. The Manager Versus the Employee. (The Resonance Factor)

Cravings.  The Manager Versus the Employee. (The Resonance Factor)


Clients often make the statement, “ I can’t control my cravings”. From this statement they seem to be saying that the craving has all the power, and that they are powerless over them. Our job as professionals is to inform them that this is not the case.


A manager at work has an employee that dictates to the manager how they work, and when they work. It would be irresponsible of the manager to allow their employee to behave in this way. If the manager were finding it difficult to be assertive with their employee, then it would make sense for the manager to either attend an assertiveness course or a management course. The danger of not doing this is that the employee will start to manage the manager.

Imagine how the manager would feel in this situation. They may feel powerless, undermined or weak.

Lets now adapt this scenario to cravings. The client is the manager. They should be dictating to the cravings. If the cravings are telling the manager what to do, when to do it and how to do it, then it leaves a space for the manager to believe the cravings are in control.

Whilst working with a client, the professional makes the client aware of their management skills in regards to the cravings. The client needs to be aware that they need to be assertive to the cravings. They need to ask the cravings questions that make them accountable, and force the cravings to take responsibility for the destruction they are causing. It may have to go further and a disciplinary is taken out against the cravings.

The bottom line is the client needs to no that they are the manager and their job description says that they manage the cravings. The flipside to this is that if they do not carry out their role the cravings will manage them.


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