Janus Client poem on his battle with “Cravings”

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Janus Client poem on his battle with “Cravings”

The Night Stalker
By Shane

The day is done,
In creeps the night,
And now it resumes,
The same old fight;
The return of my foe,
To continue my plight.

My sanity tested,
Night after night,
The same anxious feelings,
Same terrible fears,
Tossing and turning,
Can’t hold back the tears.

Kicking and punching,
It’s screaming at me.
The Bully, my Cravings,
From which I flee,
Please let me go and set me free!

I want to wander
So I can see,
The light of the dawn,
A brighter day,
Happiness not sorrow,
Come what may.
Through the day, it’s the light that I see,
You’ve stolen my life,
How can that be?

No more will I run,
No more will i flee,
No more suffering this Robbery!
Too long a Victim,
A Prisoner no more,
I’m caging my Stalker,
I’m closing the door!

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