Janus Solutions Training Calendar 2016-2017

The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in drug and alcohol use
16th February 2016
Janus Client poem on his battle with “Cravings”
23rd February 2016
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Janus Solutions Training Calendar 2016-2017

About this training:

If you are a practitioner, service manager or organisation that is looking for a pioneering, creative and challenging approach that provides the worker with powerful tools that bring greater awareness to the client with regards to his/her relationship with their drugs of choice, these are seminars and workshops that you should attend.

About the Resonance Factor

The Resonance Factor is the brain child of 5 practitioner/partners that have worked in the field of substance use for many years. They became concerned that drug treatment was being directed away from actual substance misuse work, focusing more on peripheral issues such as housing etc. Through investigation they believed this to be an issue of concern, a major consequence being workers feeling de-skilled around their clinical work practice.

This approach is very clear in that it avoids such language as DISEASE, ADDICTION, DEPENDENCY AND POWERLESSNESS, focusing on a language that empowers the client, as well as encouraging personal responsibility. Our approach states that a client has a ‘relationship’ with drugs or alcohol that encourages certain types of ‘behaviour’. The Resonance Factor explores fully with the client the fact that pleasure is a key component of drug and alcohol use, and a client makes a choice to continually chase this “high”.

Suitable for:

Nurses, Doctors, Substance Misuse Workers, Psychologists, Probation, Social Workers, Psychiatrist and anyone working with substance using clients.

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Our next workshop is on March 25th 2016.  This one day workshop will focus on our own model of intervention:  The Resonance Factor.


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