Our Approach: The Resonance Factor

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23rd November 2015
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9th December 2015
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Our Approach: The Resonance Factor

At Janus Solutions, we are all about innovation, creativity and asking the questions most are fearful of asking because they may feel silly, stupid, lacking in knowledge, or too controversial. However, through asking those questions Janus developed its revolutionary approach to substance misuse treatment. The initial development of our approach was highlighted in our book, Crack Cocaine: The Open Door (2007).
Crack Cocaine "The Open Door"
While developing the book, our authors had to ask many questions; one of those questions was whether or not people enjoy using drugs. Why else would someone return to drug use after six months, a year, three years (or even longer) of being drug and/or alcohol free? The conclusion was simple: because of the memory of the pleasure, the feeling, the buzz, and the high. Of course, this may not sit well with all readers; but before disregarding the idea, perhaps it is worth exploring a bit further.

That is exactly what the Janus partners decided to do; explore the world of substance misuse treatment further. Out of this exploration, the ‘Resonance Factor’ was born. This is an approach that allows the client and the practitioner to have a meaningful dialogue about the pleasure of drug use, the relationship that the individual forms with that pleasure and the behaviour that is shaped by that relationship.

The ‘Resonance Factor’ approach is very clear in that it avoids such language as DISEASE, ADDICTION, DEPENDENCY and POWERLESSNESS by focusing on a language that empowers the client and encourages personal responsibility.

Janus will introduce readers to our approach, through this blog and welcomes your views and comments. We also welcome healthy and constructive debates in regards to other approaches to substance misuse that influence and direct treatment today.

By opening these kinds of dialogues, it is our hope and our goal to change the landscape of substance misuse treatment on a global level, to revolutionize recovery and create world where we, as practitioners, question the status quo for the sake of our clients.

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