Resonance Factor/ The Shadow Side

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21st May 2017
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2nd June 2017
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Resonance Factor/ The Shadow Side

Resonance Factor/ The Shadow Side


It is not unusual for a professional or a significant other to feel perplexed when an individual has a lapse or a relapse. They often say, “but they were doing so well” or “they seemed so motivated and focused”. It can be demoralizing to receive the news that somebody has lapsed.


A problem may arise when the professional or significant other spend a lot of time focusing on the motivation of the substance user, rather than their shadow side.

The reason so many approaches fail short at times with this client group is because prescribed psychological approaches do not work predominantly with the shadow side of a human being.


The real meaning of a ‘lack of motivation’, is the

‘unwillness’ of the individual to change or to embrace an alternate way of experiencing life.  The shadow side of the human being is often the defensive mechanism that has a primary function of disrupting, what the professional and client would describe as the desired goal.


Yet the desired goal, the shadow goal as it were, was to return to that place of using substances. To reaquaint themselves again with something they truly desire. It is important to point out at this time that they didn’t return because of the withdrawals, that justification has been removed due to the absense of substances in the body. Any psychological approach would be mistaken if

it were to dismiss the side of the human being that does not wish to change, after all. Would you have an incentive to change if you were still getting some form of pleasure from your behaviour.


At Janus we always search out the clients shadow side, and allow the client to explore it and understand it in a meaningful way.

In our experience we believe that conventional current interventions at times bypass what could be a crucial therapeutic intervention that allows the client to talk from a place of honesty. At Janus we introduce the client to their shadow side, as we believe that once they explore it and understand it, it can then take them to a higher level of awareness.


Truly enough has been written on this subject matter – and the Resonance Factor has taken the time to consider the psychology of the substance user from this perspective

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