10th March 2016

Our Approach: The Resonance Factor

At Janus Solutions, we are all about innovation, creativity and asking the questions most are fearful of asking because they may feel silly, stupid, lacking in […]
8th March 2016

Diversity Training Exposed In The Workplace

Diversity Training Diversity training is often the last choice for workers, which is why many organisations make Diversity training mandatory. As Diversity training facilitators, one of […]
18th February 2016

Janus Solutions Training Calendar 2016-2017

About this training: If you are a practitioner, service manager or organisation that is looking for a pioneering, creative and challenging approach that provides the worker […]
16th February 2016

The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in drug and alcohol use

Cognitive Dissonance is a way of looking at drug use in a way that takes a slightly different route to the normal frameworks and concepts that […]
7th February 2016

Sponsored Run May 15th 2016

Dear all, Janus Enterprise will be holding two sponsored runs per year.  Our first run on September 2015 was a great success and we are looking forward […]
9th December 2015

Does society truly believe in rehabilitation?

An important question to ask yourself as a substance worker, and as a human being is: “Do I truly believe that an individual can be rehabilitated?”  […]