Welcome to the Revolution…

Our Approach: The Resonance Factor
3rd December 2015
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Welcome to the Revolution…

Are you starting to question your intervention strategy with clients?
Do you get the feeling that you are no longer delivering effective drug treatments?
Do you often wonder what clients are looking for when they come to a service?

Maybe it’s time to reevaluate?  At Janus Solutions, we are revolutionizing substance misuse treatment with our trademarked approach, The Resonance Factor.  Let one of our founders, Kenneth Robinson, tell you all  about it…


This approach avoids language such as “addiction”, “dependency”, “powerlessness” and “disease”. It focuses on the language of ‘relationship’, ‘behaviour’, ‘choice’ and ‘responsibility’.  This is a language that empowers rather than dis-empowers the client. The Resonance Factor asks hard hitting questions and invites the client to produce evidence based answers. The approach keeps the drug use at the core of the intervention.  Unlike other methods we encourage the client to explore the pleasure that is experienced when they use drugs. The approach explores, in detail, cravings, triggers, justifications and the grieving process. Our approach is unique because it does not ignore the very issue that brings the client to the service.

It is our goal at Janus Solutions to be pioneers of a new frontier in the world of substance misuse treatment.  We have clients of our own participating in group programmes, individual counseling, aftercare and private client programmes, but we aren’t stopping there!  We offer seminars and accredited training workshops to educate professionals so they can integrate The Resonance Factor into their own treatment programmes.

We have paved a proven road to recovery, and we invite you to join us in this amazing journey to change the face of substance misuse treatment!  Look forward to insightful and educational posts, testimonials, and event listings surrounding #janussolutions and #resonancefactor.


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