Other Solutions

Many obstacles may appear in the path of the drug or alcohol user who decides to become drug and alcohol free, or engage in treatment to achieve abstinence. Janus has a number of specific interventions to benefit those looking for professional support.

This differs from mentoring, befriending, or goal setting in that it focuses on the obstacles that block an individual’s path on their journey. Life Coaching puts the responsibility and ownership back onto the individual and allows them to take responsibility in order to make the necessary changes.

Janus has trained many professionals over the years, and believe that by delivering training that is thought provoking, experiential and evidence based, it can equip the professional to deliver appropriate up to date interventions to the service user.

In light of the increased attention to the potential harm to children caused by a parent’s drug or alcohol use, this is an area that Janus has chosen to address. Our parenting programme is available to drug using parents who are abstinent and wish to develop their understanding and skills.

Janus provides an all year round rolling programme of accredited training.  The training is delivered to those who currently work in the field of substance misuse irrespective of their previous training or qualification.

Substance use including alcohol and prescribed medication present a problem to a large proportion of the population. The work place is no exception to this. An organisation relies on the ability of its employees to make it thrive, if the employee is not operating to his or her fullest potential then the organisations ability to deliver can be undermined.