Janus provides an all year round rolling programme of accredited training. The training is delivered to those who currently work in the field of substance misuse irrespective of their previous training or qualification.

The accredited programme can be used to contribute towards attaining a qualification such as an NVQ, or simply as an accredited course that will contribute towards further professional or academic studies in this area.

The courses cover a variety of topics relating to drug and alcohol use and introduce innovative ways of working with this client group.  The courses are experiential in nature and work with the issues brought by participants where new perspectives and approaches are used within the learning setting.  Participants are able to test out theories in order that they feel equipped to deliver the interventions immediately.

The training is evidenced based and delivered by experienced tutors.  The accredited training is validated by the AQA and is nationally recognised.

The courses vary in length, allowing participants to choose a course that suits their learning needs and availability.

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