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Janus Solutions is passionate about challenging the existing perceptions and approaches to substance misuse and its treatment.

Within that passion there is a goal of establishing a new, and enlightened, recovered community.  We truly believe that our treatment gives you a platform to reach your true potential.

By focusing on the needs of the individual, Janus hopes to break the cycle of individuals returning to Substance Misuse treatment.

JANUS DAY PROGRAMME offers a bespoke package of care for people who have developed a problematic relationship with their drug or alcohol use.  The programme includes:

  • Substance misuse intervention groups
  • Therapeutic groups
  • 1:1 counselling
  • 1:1 drug intervention sessions
  • Relationship counselling
  • A full range of complementary therapies and interventions to help you live a life free from substance use.

Janus Solutions is revolutionizing the substance misuse treatment field with its unique and authentic approach:  THE RESONANCE FACTOR.  This approach enables a person to understand their relationship with their substance of choice and instills the belief that they have control over that relationship, as well as the power to redefine it.  The programme is challenging and demanding, yet equips you with skills that are useful and relevant to all areas of your life.  The team are qualified and experienced in delivering both counselling and substance misuse interventions.  


Janus Day Programme @ Wimpole Street

85 Wimpole Sreet, W1

Tel: 0207 737 3765 / 07884438953