9th October 2019


On Monday August 26 in America, Johnson and Johnson (they were only one of thirteen named plaintiffs in the case) were fined $572 million dollars for […]
14th May 2019

De – Habilitation

‘De-habilitation’ “It was 1998 when I first went the kaleidoscope project.  It was started in 1968 – allegedly the first place in England to provide methadone […]
29th March 2019


Set up. “After a long period of time in an integrated treatment programme, service users should have fully understood the relationship they had with their substance […]
21st February 2019

‘Head Meds’

  “ Mental health and substance use go hand in hand. It’s probably rare, if ever, that someone will come into drug services and say straight […]
13th January 2019

AN INDIVIDUAL’S REFLECTION ON METHADONE Author – Anonymous (but with an interesting view!) “ I wanted to write about methadone.  Something I thought I knew about. […]
4th July 2018

Bullying is Good!

How does the view of Chris Rock relate to treatment? Watching and listening to Chris Rock is very informative.  He said: ‘bullying’ is good.  The audience […]