Janus Day Programme is an abstinence programme based on the Janus Solutions model – The Resonance Factor. The model is based on the idea that that the most effective way to improve outcomes for problematic drug and alcohol users who wish to become drug and alcohol free, is to keep the focus on the relationship between the user and their drug of choice.

Janus Aftercare is not an afterthought, it is an individual plan designed to meet the specific needs of the clients. Access is available to any combination of the 7 day programme according to the care plan agreed at the outset. This can be altered subject to review. We encourage investment in Aftercare for those who have completed only 12 weeks of abstinent based treatment as clients often lapse at significant stages of their recovery journey.

When a client comes to Janus they are often unaware of themselves fully, and as a consequence unaware of their true needs. What is created in our counselling space, is the opportunity for the client to explore their relationship with themselves, and this is achieved through the relationship that is built with the therapist.

Janus provides a confidential service to those who wish to access treatment with private funding. Access is provided to all aspects of the Day Programme and counselling service. A bespoke programme can be created to suit those who cannot access some aspects of the programme due to work or other commitments. The service also provides access to external professionals eg. a private GP.