Resonance Factor Substance Misuse Groupworker Trainee Wanted

Resonance Factor/ Cravings, Landmines and Substance use
2nd June 2017
What Constitutes A Drug Woker/ The Resonance Factor
16th June 2017
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Resonance Factor Substance Misuse Groupworker Trainee Wanted

Resonance Factor Substance Misuse Groupwork Trainee

Job Advertisement – Trainee Resonance Factor Substance Misuse Group worker

Janus Solutions is an independent Drug and Alcohol Company. We specialise in the field of substance misuse and training. Janus delivers training to professionals in the UK, and we have a 7-day a week abstinent day programme, that is delivered from our premises in Brixton.

Janus has developed a new approach to working with substance misuse called “The Resonance Factor”

Janus is looking for 2 enthusiastic, motivated and committed trainee Resonance Factor group workers. You will be based in our day programme in Brixton.

The Janus day programme provides abstinent based treatment for service users who have completed a detoxification. The programme consists of groupwork, counselling,, keywork, complimentary therapy and evening phone calls.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this post, then you need to go to linkedin. Under groups there is a group called “The Resonance Factor Group” The advert for the post is placed in that group.

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