resonance factor

31st March 2016

FREE Training on the Resonance Factor, April 15th

FREE Drug and Alcohol Seminar Janus Solutions is presenting a free half-day seminar, on our new approach to working with drug and alcohol users, called the […]
10th March 2016

Our Approach: The Resonance Factor

At Janus Solutions, we are all about innovation, creativity and asking the questions most are fearful of asking because they may feel silly, stupid, lacking in […]
29th February 2016

Lapse and Relapse

Lapse and Relapse It is not difficult to find examples in our own lives of people making commitments to change and not being able to sustain […]
23rd February 2016

Janus Client poem on his battle with “Cravings”

The Night Stalker By Shane The day is done, In creeps the night, And now it resumes, The same old fight; The return of my foe, […]
11th February 2016

Addiction – Exploring the Evidence

An Example: A significant contribution to the history and development of the concept of addiction, was made by Avram Goldstein (1919 – 2012). As a leading […]
8th February 2016

New doors are opening in Central London

Janus Solutions is extremely excited to announce their new partnership with The Charterhouse Clinic in the creation of the Janus & Charterhouse Day Programme.  After several […]