Bullying is Good!

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6th April 2018
13th January 2019
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Bullying is Good!

How does the view of Chris Rock relate to treatment?

Watching and listening to Chris Rock is very informative.  He said: ‘bullying’ is good.  The audience was uncomfortable/ I was uncomfortable.  Yes he said: Bullying is good!  The audience awkward.  What would he say next.  He mentioned a few people that he presumed were bullied – Bill Gates and others.  Then he said further: They became successful because they were bullied.  Again the audience was uncomfortable.  He then carries on:  Hugs are no good.  Hugs don’t help you.  The audience are slack jawed but waiting.  Then he drops his magic line:  A piece of coal becomes a DIAMOND through PRESSURE.  The audience get him now……… Then he drops the final line:  If you hug a piece of coal all you get is a dirty shirt!!!  At this point the audience burst out laughing.  They understand.  He smiles white teeth gleaming.  Is this something we could learn from regarding treatment.  That clients need to explore themselves and their relationship with their substance/s of choice in order to achieve their goals.  A little pressure over time may not go amiss!  Of course Chris Rock with his own personal history was not recommending bullying,  but he was asking the audience to step outside of their comfort zone and consider more thoughtfully, what facilitates change.  I guess if you don’t like to be hugged and you challenge yourself in that direction, and then recognise the benefit of that – then I presume that is the kind of pressure required to create your diamond!  It made me think anyway!!

Ref: Chris Rock: Tamborine: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OHoVvr9R6QU  (if you wish to listen it is 24 mins and 02 secs in to the show –  If you find Chris Rock’s language difficult, then try and listen to 26 mins and 20 secs)

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