One Day Diversity Workshop for Managers


The partners os Janus Solutions have devised a programme that is educative in context and experiential in nature. Managers have a strategic role within their service and the larger organization in conveying the intrinsic importance of valuing diversity. In addition they are pivotal in champion issues associated with, and arising from diversity and equal opportunity.

The focus of the workshop:

  • Understanding and building team identity
  • Legislation and its relationship to diversity
  • The difference between Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management
  • What is a diversity Champion? Who’s responsibility  is diversity within the workplace?
  • What is the business case for Diversity?
  • The role of power in workplace, proactive power and stagnant power
  • Service user empowerment and service user engagement
  • Transitional Management and how to prepare a service for chance
  • Redefining Service Culture
  • Diversity and team Morale
  • The importance of a standardised managerial response to diversity
  • Ways forward

The programme also explores the shadow side of diversity using the Johari Window, a personal development tool.

The aims of the trainning:

  • To raise awareness of the positive and negative ways that diversity issues can impact the work environment
  • To improve service delivery through facilitating self awareness within the workforce
  • Liking legislation , EO policy and diversity management for a coherent response framework
  • To demonstrate some of the challenges that are presented by issues of diversity within many organizations

The outcomes:

  • To raise managers’ awareness of diversity
  • To provide managers with diversity management tools to bring into their everyday working environment
  • To improve service user participation and engagement