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21st February 2019

‘Head Meds’

  “ Mental health and substance use go hand in hand. It’s probably rare, if ever, that someone will come into drug services and say straight […]
13th January 2019

AN INDIVIDUAL’S REFLECTION ON METHADONE Author – Anonymous (but with an interesting view!) “ I wanted to write about methadone.  Something I thought I knew about. […]
4th July 2018

Bullying is Good!

How does the view of Chris Rock relate to treatment? Watching and listening to Chris Rock is very informative.  He said: ‘bullying’ is good.  The audience […]
6th April 2018

Innovation and learning in treatment services!

  In order to have and deliver effective service delivery with regards to drug and alcohol treatment, a learning environment needs to be cultivated.  Of course […]
19th March 2018

The shadow of ‘More for less!’ – What are the implications for drug and alcohol treatment?

In an era of cuts, and the legacy of ‘More for less!’, where does that leave services?  Policy makers have to strive toward creating a strategy […]
27th July 2017

Resonance Factor (the relationship and substance use)

Resonance Factor (Relationship)   Replacing the term addiction with relationship is fundamental to the way that a client may view themselves. To think about it in […]